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Railway Cellular is a ground breaking ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) that focuses on developing underserved and rural communities by building Wireless Network grids and delivering huge cost savings of broadband and telephony services to its customers. South Africa’s Internet Broadband Access pricing ranks amongst the most expensive in the world.

Railway Cellular has developed unique products to allow communities to connect, communicate and explore – bringing wholesale prices directly to the people.

Railway Cellular’s network is built on 1200 km of fibre optic cable deployed within Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape region.


Schools Broadband & E-Learning

Railway cellular understands that Broadband connectivity has the potential to transform education by giving teachers and students access to learning resources and technologies that will allow them to improve their skills in the context of a globalized economy.  Access to high-speed technologies over fixed and mobile platforms can help students acquire the digital skills required to participate in the global economy, and also contributes to ensure their employability once they finish their studies.

“The ability of broadband to improve and enhance education, as well as students’ experience of education, is undisputed,” said the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Hamadoun Touré, adding that online access widens education and employment prospects for students all over the world.

“A student in a developing country can now access the library of a prestigious university anywhere in the world; an unemployed person can retrain and improve their job prospects in other fields; teachers can gain inspiration and advice from the resources and experiences of others. With each of these achievements, the online world brings about another real-world victory for education, dialogue, and better understanding between people.”

Mahala Wireless Grid

Our Wireless grid is utilising sunk cost public assets to be deployed, once in place the whole community will enjoy a high speed of broadband and an affordable telephony system.

Our Prepaid and Post-paid unique products allows each home to get his own landline no (010,012,031,021) and to make cost-effective calls locally and internationally.

Registering a line will take the customer 15 minutes and they can choose whether they would like a contract or buy prepaid minutes.
The Mahala Wireless Grid allows free chats, high speed broadband and huge cost savings on local and international calls.


Bella Mahala logo

The Mahala line is the unique BOX that connects to any (POT) Plain Old Telephone and allows its users VERY affordable local and international call rates.

Bella Mahala app is soon to be available on:

What the app provides:

  • Landline on the go
  • Mahala Chat
  • Mahala Video calls
  • Huge cost saving on local and international calls

The Bella Mahala app will allow its customers to make cheap calls using their land line numbers even when overseas.

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